Tommy-Lee Baik  — Bande Démo 2020

Tommy-Lee Baik — Bande Démo 2020

Tommy-Lee Baik — Bande Démo 2020

POÈTES — Bande Annonce

JONAS - Bande Annonce

trailer WINTER WAR

« You can only see well with your heart. The essential is invisible to the eyes. » »

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry


ACTOR: Represented in the USA

Since my participation as a supporting role in the TV movie JONAS (Arte), snce the telefilm was broadcast on Netflix in 2020, it is Jason Weinberg, from the agency Untitled Entertainment, who spotted me and who represents me abroad.


DIRECTOR : Director and talent spotter

It is because I wanted to play against all odds that I created my own projects. Also, I learned how to direct and direct other actors and actresses, most of whom were propelled in front of the camera without any real knowledge or previous experience. I have that look and sensibility that allows me to get the best out of others and to write to measure so that the first experiences are crowned, if not successful, with a real awareness, self-confidence, and in the understanding of one's body and voice. On my projects, MORDRED and more particularly POETES, none of the young actors who make up the lead roles had any previous experience. On MORDRED, Manon Mavor won the Best Actress Award at the Festival Francophone de la Websérie in 2013 in Toulouse; and after POÈTES, in 2019 Camille Tlemsani after this experience was received at the school Le Plateau, in Montpellier; Fayssal Djedoui for his part was able to pass many castings and get new roles following this experience, it is the same for Alexa Lasfargues.


AUTHOR: Support from the Occitania Region and the CNC

As an author, I have been fortunate to be supported on several occasions by major institutions that have participated in the realization of my projects. In 2013, I received the prize for Best Dialogues at the Festival Francophone de la Websérie de Toulouse for the first season of MORDRED. In 2017, my digital series project FRÉQUENCE was awarded by the Fonds Séries Digitales de France Télévisions and the SACD, in development with the Nouvelles écritures de France TV throughout the year. Finally, in 2018, my digital series POÈTES was supported by the Occitanie Region and the CNC / Talent, which allowed its production and broadcast by the end of 2019. Beyond a know-how in writing, it is above all the understanding of an environment and the apprehension, from the writing stage, of a project to make it possible and concretizable, which makes it easier to convince financiers and producers, which I have acquired and which I am able to transmit.

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