2021, resolutions and perspectives - Year in review

In all honesty, the year 2021 was not looking good. In spite of a lot of energy, time and work invested to turn my association, the Patmol Studio, into a production company, it took less than three months for everything to be cancelled. Add to that the end of my collaboration with the agent who had been following me since the TV movie JONAS, I started the year full of doubts, disillusionment and with enough bitterness to have the feeling that my projects were going to suffer particularly from the lack of support and a discouragement that was growing with each passing day.

But it was without counting on the fruit of a deep work started several years ago which was going to make resurface certain contacts, certain possibilities, and especially what I needed of abnegation to not give up anything and to remain the most positive and open possible to the opportunities which were going to appear.

This is how my work for AnderAnderA Production began. I met the three partners of the company several years ago while I was promoting my web series MORDRED in 2014, and they were launching theirs, MORTUS CORPORATUS. I worked as an actor on season 2 of their series in 2016, and as the friendly bonds were created, it is thanks to them that I was able to produce and materialize my series POETES in 2018. We remained very close, ready to collaborate again, but this time, the work proposal was no longer a coaching or support for my artistic projects but rather a real job for the company, as a Development Manager. Started at the end of February, this job consists in finding projects of series with strong potential and to accompany their authors in the development of their projects in order to produce them with AnderAnderA Production.

What struck me at first was that this is exactly the work I wanted to set up with the Patmol Studio and the talents that gravitated around the structure between 2019 and 2020, and which could not succeed for various reasons. There, I was able to work with professional authors, but also younger authors, and to observe my method being refined to select promising projects and to communicate and advance in the work with the authors.

In less than a year, three projects have been optioned and developed, one of which was able to obtain the support of the Region Occitanie, and two of which received assistance from the Procirep-Angoa for their ongoing development.

In addition, I was able to start practicing my production skills and confirm my vision of certain talents, with two short film projects directed by Alexandra Mignien, a writer-director whose career I've been following for a while and with whom I wanted to work.

Thus, SABBAT, his fantastic short film that I had accompanied with Patmol Studio in 2020 and supported by the CNC/Talent, could be produced thanks to AnderAnderA Production and shot in March. Currently in post-production, the project will soon be completed and ready to begin its life in festivals. As for NOCTURNE, the first short film written by Alexa Lasfargues to be directed by Alexandra Mignien, is in pre-production and will be shot during the first quarter of next year. Two projects that I am happy to have accompanied at their beginnings, from the writing to the production, and that could exist thanks to AnderAnderA.

Alexandra Mignien on the set of SABBAT - Photo by Léa Schabo.

AnderAnderA, then. A name that has come up many times in my journey over the last few years. And you haven't heard the last of it, because things are still evolving.

It is with a lot of pride, emotions and perspectives that I can now announce that I will be joining the company's partners from 2022. Virgil Vergues, Fabien Camaly and Laurent Boudot - the three Musketeers - will be able to count on the enthusiasm and the eccentric temperament of their new young associate to participate in the growth of this production company which has long since taken the gamble of producing local talent and projects in the region while adhering to a progressive, ecological, cultural and social ethic. It is a pleasure for me to take this step, and to gradually establish myself at their side as a development manager, producer and associate, because I share their values and vision. It has always been clear in my personal journey that I wanted to participate in making things happen in the region, in creating opportunities for creative people, technicians, cultural structures... and I sincerely believe that this new step in my journey comes at the right time and announces a lot of positive things for the years to come. Because it is not only a financial and job security, it is especially the promise to concretize in the years to come my vision and to give sense to my past choices, while assuring me that the deployed energy will be well at the service of a structure which will make something of it, not like my preceding projects of collectives where, certainly, I learned a lot, but which nevertheless took part in my exhaustion and my disillusions because rarely concretizing.

I am therefore very happy to join the heart of AnderAnderA Production, and I invite all those who supported me until now to do the same for the company by connecting to our social networks:

Our social networks will soon be updated to present our projects and keep you informed of the evolution of our various ongoing projects.

Thank you to all the authors, directors, producers and structures that have accompanied us this year and with whom I have had the joy of working, from near or far:

  • Alexandra Mignien, SABBAT - NOCTURNE

  • Alexa Lasfargues, NOCTURNE



  • Alexandre Philip, LIBERTE, EGALITE... ETERNITE

  • Ambroise Bouchez-Gathelier, Maxime Roodthooft, Alexandra Mignien, Maxime Pasque, Octopods Films, HELLBNB

  • Jeremi Stadler, ORDINAIRE

  • Amic Bedel, Julien Campredon, LA SERIA

A springboard year on the production side, and great prospects for the future, and finally the certainty of being able to settle in the region for a longer period of time and build my future both in my professional and private life...

But that's not all! Because if there is another structure that I wish to thank, it is Occitanie Films, and particularly Karim Ghiyati who has been a precious support these last years, as well in his wise advices as in his proposals, always turned towards the cultural and social dynamics of the region. Since September, I have the pleasure to intervene in several school and out-of-school structures of the region within the framework of the project "Ecris ta série" launched by the Centre National du Cinéma. Writing workshops and theoretical and practical courses on the creation, development and writing of series bibles with 15/17 years old. I had the chance to meet really interesting, passionate and exciting groups, and I will carry this project until next March.

As far as acting is concerned, a quieter year, in the continuity of 2020, nevertheless spiced up by my participation on the feature film "Chien de la Casse" by my friend Jean-Baptiste Durand. A beautiful parenthesis which allowed me to meet some great people and to find the special atmosphere of the film sets.

The year thus concludes with this beautiful balance sheet and these promising perspectives. It is now up to me to continue with this momentum and the lessons I have learned from these experiences.

I'll see you in 2022 for the continuation of these adventures. Make way for AnderAnderA, which will have all my allegiance, my time and my energy for the years to come. I can only encourage you to keep an eye on the projects of the structure and count on your support.

Thank you to all those who continue to believe in me, who send me their support by message, by email, I receive everything, I read everything and even if I sometimes fail to answer you, know that I get a lot of strength and energy to continue on my way.

Have a very good holiday season, may 2022 be beneficial to all, take care of yourself and your loved ones.

See you soon!

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