Happy New Year to all of you, I hope that 2021 will be favourable to you in your projects. For my part, I plan to take a step forward in my creativity and my projects, and this will translate into several objectives that I intend to concretize as I go along. But before explaining them to you, please know that my website is now available in several languages and that my blog posts will now be translated into English. So I invite you to register on my website if you haven't already done so to be kept informed of all my news, because this year will undoubtedly be very busy!

Here are the different objectives I want to achieve:

- To launch my production company :

If Patmol Studio already exists since the end of 2017 and has participated in producing my Poets series as well as several other projects for the web, the structure was until now purely associative, also, with my associate Youri Vanhoorebeke who supports me and maintains the foundations and management of this project for many months now, we plan to take the next step by making Patmol Studio an audiovisual production company in order to continue to evolve financially with our skills and allow our future fiction projects to exist. I will be particularly implicated as producer of future dramas stamped Patmol Studio, so if you are a screenwriter or writer-director and you have ideas for projects, scripts, short films or content for the web, do not hesitate to propose your projects at contact@patmolstudio.com If the structure will take the year to formalize and build itself, I intend to start today to rehabilitate and get in touch with future talents that we will produce with Patmol. In the meantime, you can subscribe to the Patmol Studio's YouTube channel and follow the structure on social networks which will soon be completely updated to coordinate with this new transition process.

YouTube / Instagram / Facebook

- Start my YouTube channel :

After years of hesitating to launch myself, this year is the right one: I no longer have the brain preoccupied by the fear of being judged or by the idea of not being legitimate to share my ideas, opinions and more broadly my universe. No: this year my head is only occupied by the idea of being creative and letting my creativity express itself and free itself. Refraining it too much or keeping it quiet has brought me long periods of frustration or feelings of embarrassment in what I was doing, now I intend to let the flow of my thoughts free a little from my head to reach you. On my YouTube channel I will therefore talk to you about my career in the audiovisual industry, I will come back to my projects as an author, but also to the projects in which I have had the chance to play, I will talk to you about the series that I am passionate about and more broadly about all forms of works that have contributed to nourishing my imagination and shaping my universe, I will also talk to you more intimately about myself, some steps, some lessons I learned, in short, this channel will take on my personality in all these aspects, so there will be many formats that will evolve as you go along, and I hope you'll be part of the adventure, you can sleep and already subscribe to my YouTube channel "Tommy-Lee Baik", the first videos will arrive within a month I hope (as soon as my home studio is up and running). I also invite you to join the Facebook group of my "Close Community" dedicated to all those who want to be as close as possible to my projects and my journey and who want to be able to communicate with me on all the steps to come.

YouTube / TLB Close Community

- Earn my living by participating in yours :

If for the past eight years I have been preoccupied only with the idea of making my projects come true and learning by doing, it is clear that after almost a decade of living like this, I now need to find financial stability that allows me to continue to create, write, produce and imagine without being constantly caught up by the financial pressure and the realities that it implies. Luckily, I have since grown up and accumulated a lot of skills, expertise and know-how in the audiovisual field. That's why in parallel to setting up my production company, which I hope will allow my partner and me to earn a living later on, I decided to capitalize on my independent career by preparing my training courses. If you are a film student, or if you want to start in the audiovisual industry after a retraining or in parallel of another profession, perhaps you will be interested to be guided in the steps to follow to create and launch your film project, whether it is a short film for festivals or content for the internet; if you dream of becoming an actor and progress in your acting, knowing how to do castings, the same: I now have many notions, tips and advice on the steps and procedures to follow. So you will find during the year online video trainings, as well as e-books, and for French people who would like me to give them lessons in physics - this will also be possible if you can go to Montpellier (Hérault - 34) or Cahors (Lot - 46). The online courses and some e-books will be on sale on my website in the "Shop" section which you can already access. Stay informed of my news by registering on this site. If you would like to know more about writing or acting courses in face-to-face or distance learning via Discord or Zoom by my side, do not hesitate to write to me at tlb@patmolstudio.com while waiting for the programs and price lists to be shared with you here.


- Writing my first novel :

If indeed I have already written a novel in 2015 in the universe of my series Mordred, I consider it more as an exercise in style and especially as a derivative product that complements a universe that I liked, rather than as a true author's novel. This is why this year, I promise myself to concretize the manuscript of a new novel project, I wish to focus on children's literature for this first project which will come to life in a universe of heroic fantasy, a genre I have always been fond of and for which I have been building for several months now an adventure that will be read both on the facts and between the lines. I will tell you more soon, and the members of the "Proche Communaté" as well as my supporters on Tipeee will be able to have extracts and discussions on the subject exclusively, I count on their support and their exchanges to help me to make this project evolve. If you wish to read my previous novel "Mordred - Les Récits de Farengoise" it is available in French at a lower cost on the website store.


So much for these objectives for the year 2021, I hope that you will be there to support me in these new avenues which are all as exciting as each other. Of course, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that new film and television projects will come to me this year, but I've also made the decision not to shoot anything and everything and to invest myself only in projects that suit me, so much the worse if I have to wait to shoot again on a movie set, I prefer quality to quantity, and everything I plan for this year is well in the perspective of making sure that I can live from my passion and take the time to choose projects that make sense.

Thanks to all those who support me, don't forget to register on the site, subscribe to my YouTube channel and social networks, and know that sharing my work is already a huge help! And for those of you who would like to go further to help me financially, I invite you to join me on my Tipeee page, every euro you donate to Tipeee will be donated to my projects, to materials or to travel and logistical expenses for my projects. See you soon, happy new year and courage to reach your goals!


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