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I can't really say whether it's passing the 26-year mark - this famous first quarter of a century having been started and digested - but it's more than obvious that I feel I'm at a serious turning point in my life, and this is reflected in very personal, logistical, professional and communicative decisions.

If I have been nurturing the same dream since I was 6 years old, I have to admit that it has taken many forms over the years and that after having manipulated, structured, destructured it - as a sculptor discovering his material could knead it in many ways - it has come for me the time to disregard my drafts and to start projects, in their funds and in their forms, in a more constructive and concrete way. Far be it from me to abandon my ideals or to reject the years of untimely trials and research, let's say that I am at a stage where I hope that the maturity that these stages have given me will be evident both in my relationships and in my relationship with this strange hybrid craft that is creation.

Writing, producing, directing, acting too, are all strings to my bow that I now wish to adjust more meticulously so that I am no longer satisfied only that the jets are fired, but that they can reach their target(s). Mordred the fallen archer has given way to David, the disappointed poet in a hurry to grow up, paradoxically filled with spleen and melancholy about the years we will never live again and the time past that we must accept as such. TLB has been at the pen since its very beginnings, and rather than continue with so little modesty in the third person, I will conclude by telling you that I feel ready, enthusiastic and relaxed for this new paving stone that will constitute the next few years.

I hope to provide it with attempts and success, I believe it to be resolute and more invested in reality - with the constraints that are linked to it but that I finally manage to accept as an integral part of the process, and I still know it to be dreamlike because of its unforgettable departures and its unexpected encounters that offer me more richness in my daily life than the poor dreamer that I was could have imagined. The next step lies in the responsibility to be a man who lives up to his values and to participate in building this family that is gradually taking shape.


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