Season 4

I like to see my life as a long series divided into distinct seasons. Beyond the seriephile's joke, it is also a way of realizing in retrospect that my journey has been made up of several segments and, apart from a few rare individuals close enough to each other working in each of these paintings, it is often a question of a different entourage for each of these periods, a different style, a different state of mind, a different soundtrack. By doing a little counting, I realize that from now on, I am starting a new season of my life. The departure from Montpellier has very clearly ended the previous one, and even if it was certainly the best season of the series of my life so far, the end left me with a bitter taste and a feeling that neither I nor those around me have been through enough of what its beginnings might have foretold. It was high time to start this new chapter. In my lyricism, I could have gone so far as to speak outright about a reboot, but that would really only be a trick, the reality being that from now on I have in my life and around me foundations far too important and anchored to claim an umpteenth reboot as I am used to do with myself at each new assessment. No, I am well surrounded, I need this entourage, and finally distance should, if not reveal superficial relationships, have very little impact on those that make sense and really matter.

So everything is fine.

So what will be the program of this new chapter? Well, I would tend to say that it should contain all the indecisions of the previous ones as well as much more fervor in its content. Discipline, above all! For if I have lacked one virtue throughout the last 25 years, it is discipline. By dint of being made by myself and by having taken the beaten path and the concrete facts through hard and narrow-minded trials, I ended up lulled by a pretentious illusion that would imply that no structure in my life would be necessary for me. Fortunately, things are going as I finally realized and accepted this disgression, which is too disabling if I want to continue to create something concrete, and above all, something stable.

To begin with, money has become a problem, I could otherwise have made fun of it at the time when I was living alone and between the bohemian life and the projects at full speed and in all directions, it is clear that with a more stable and constructed life as a couple and a healthier lifestyle whose perspectives are written as they are formulated and wished for, I must remedy this. In my own way, of course, because I evolve in an environment that does not allow me to sacrifice everything in the more or less long term in the hope of returning to it later. Moreover, it will be called cowardice or a lack of discernment, but after more than 10 years spent working my way and in my fields, it is more than complicated to rely on more standard lifestyles. So I have to deal with my talents, while including for good the reality of this world, which is that all work deserves a salary. One of my first resolutions is to work to earn a little more with my work.

Transition all found, I wish to present you my Tipeee: TLB.

Tipeee is a participatory funding site that allows those who wish to support their favorite creators with one-time or monthly donations in exchange for more or less nice counterparts. I strongly invite you to visit the page to get acquainted with its content, and then of course I will invite you to give me a helping hand as much as you can - I will give it back to you in projects, images and texts.

After many requests received on my social networks or more recently on this young site that I am very proud of, I also decided to start working on my first video training course which will have as a theme "How to create your first audiovisual project". This training will be based on my experience of about ten years in the field and will contain a whole bunch of tips, facts, documents and links that will help guide all those who want to start this heavy but exciting business that is audiovisual creation. It will be intended for web projects, but also for any type of broadcasting, I will discuss the process, the major steps that lead to the realization of a project, but also all those little things that can only be discovered by doing - my independent experience will have allowed me to understand and consider many cogs, especially on the aspect that a beginner suspects the least when he is about to create: the human. In short, I won't say any more - but this is one of my next works that I would like to set up. In the era of dematerialization and the individual at home, video training seems to me to be a good way to provide a serious and complete product with the means at hand, and this is the kind of project I would like to accomplish at the beginning of season 4.

I've been dragging for years many video concepts for YouTube, which is a playground for many trials and expression formats. If I haven't gone further than writing a considerable number of videos so far, it's because I was still frozen by people's eyes and the potential impact I could have. Indeed, in these videos I intend to talk as much about people who fascinate me as about myself and my career path. It's silly when you know that my last series, Poets, is based on a majority of real facts that I've gone through in my life (even if, here again, I was smart enough to timidly hide many facts behind several characters to be a little less naked in the rendering). But hey, time goes by, desires remain and I'm too frustrated in general to keep censoring myself in attempts that shouldn't be that stressful, so here we are, I plan to work hard on it and work on several videos about my journey and the people I'm passionate about, I will thus feed my Youtube channel and force me not to wallow in my chrysalis state - it's high time that I take flight on all these ideas that I sequester in my little noggin prone to tinnitus and migraines that I have to keep so much silent.

Finally, and to finish this long letter which is addressed to you, dear readers, as well as to myself, I will talk about writing and literature. I have very big desires as for the writing of my next novel - but still a little too scared by the workload but especially the subject and the cavities that I have to reopen, I am struggling to make progress, although the time is most opportune for me to work on it. There is also this children's story that is taking shape against the tide and that has come in a totally unexpected way to take root and make its way into a rather serious place.

There is also this story of an adaptation of a novel, but I really don't say anything more about that because if this project comes to fruition, it will be the most important project of my life, so let's not spoil the pleasure, and let's not take the risk of seeing it evaporate in my dreams, I'm at the right age and waiting for something real, pure and hard.

So much for this new news about me, thank you for reading me, and now that all these elements are put down, immortalized in the digital waves, I have no other excuse than to get into it with more and more seriousness, discipline and in the best possible state of mind, because I am well aware that I have slowed down to think too much about everything that is wrong, which, by the way, is often immutable and therefore a lost pain. While I don't think that lost pain is pain that lasts, let's leave it in the past tense and focus from now on what makes sense: the present time and what I intend to inject into it so that it can influence what happens next.

See you soon!

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