Six Months Later...

No news, good news, as they say! It's been weeks, months and events since I last updated this site earlier this year. So where to start? It is customary to start with the bad news, before announcing the good news, so let's follow this plan:

- End of my collaboration with AS Talents

I had met Christopher Robba, agent, during my tryouts on Jonas in 2017. Very happy to be able to join an agency of this prestige, things did not go as desired by both parties during the period that followed the shooting of Jonas. A few castings in Paris for interesting projects, but also many logistical difficulties related to my financial situation that prevented me from being as available to travel to the capital as I would have liked. Moreover, my choices to participate or not in such or such project, are as many reasons that pushed our relationship to conclude with the agency. And even though towards the end of this collaboration, I was more frustrated and disappointed not to be asked to cast anymore, let's say it's for the best.

The other reality is that in order to continue to try your luck in this business, you have to be represented to get the best auditions possible. For the moment, I am still looking for a new agency that will accept to represent me in accordance with my profile: indeed, I do not wish to settle or live in Paris, and this fact that may seem anecdotal has much more consequences than I thought. But my financial situation evolving now, plus the health situation allowing me to move more easily, I should be able to resume my professional travels soon, and I hope that I will manage to find a new person to represent me and resume my acting career, which is my first vocation and will in this field.

- End of Patmol Studio

Setting up a collective of creative people has always been one of my first ambitions, because beyond the human adventure, it is also and above all for the positive impact in the region, far from the capital, that I wished to impulse this project. Nevertheless, between the professional project and the human relations which compose the forces and which define the objectives and actions of the collective, there is a world! And it is once again that I notice, first with bitterness, then with resolution, that it will not be possible to create in Montpellier the creative entity I had in mind. It's all down to bad luck. Whether it's a problem of guidelines, a problem of personalities/profiles, it doesn't matter in the end, it didn't take despite the efforts in 2018 with the Poets series, and the projects materialized in 2019. I'll come back later on this period of my life, and my sincere and subjective observation as to what I experimented with setting up and making work between 2018 and 2020.

With the collective gone, there was talk of starting a production company with a friend, but again, the project was cancelled last month after a beginning of the year dedicated to making it happen. I have to admit that after years of trying to come up with ideas, tracks, projects and integrating creative people from Montpellier and its surroundings, I finally gave up completely and decided to focus only and exclusively on my own career and personal projects. Despite the disappointment of this failure, I was able to bounce back immediately these last few months, and prove that I was going to go much faster, more efficiently - and that I was going to make money as well - with this decision.

So I'll move on to the good news!

- My first steps as producer

Since my beginnings as a creative, whether with my first webseries Mordred, or more recently with Poets, I strive to direct my projects, from their creation, to their production (by seeking funding, finding teams, locations; in short: solutions). I realized that I would have to be at each link of the creation chain for my projects to exist and for me to learn, evolve and illustrate myself in them, as a director, a scriptwriter, and of course an actor - this is what has always motivated me in my career. But if at the beginning I lived these obligations as constraints, I confess that, with the passing of time and projects, I have acquired a taste for building projects from their beginnings to their diffusion. And it is thanks to my artistic encounter with the director and author Alexandra Mignien that I was able to move into high gear in this area. At the end of 2019, Alexandra presented me with several projects and ideas during our discussions, culminating in Sabbat, a genre-bending short film with a feminist bent that seemed particularly relevant to me in its content and form. After having accompanied it in its beginning of financing, it is in March 2020 that we acquired the help of the CNC/talents. The health events having postponed the shooting several times last year, we were finally able to concretize the shooting of the film last April, with the support of AnderAnderA Production which took over the production and the logistics.

Photo by Léa Schabo

Currently in post-production, the film will be finalized by the end of the summer and will begin its adventure in festivals.

In the energy of this project, it is then, this year, a project written by Alexa Lasfargues that I carried as a producer, also financed by the CNC/talents, which will be directed by Alexandra Mignien by the end of the year 2021.

The fact that I was neither director nor actor in these projects gave me a new and very stimulating point of view, expertise and angle of work that reinforced my interest in developing my skills in this position and devoting myself to it even more.

In a way, accompanying projects and bringing them to fruition is exactly what I wanted to do with Patmol Studio, and it is now alone that I am able to follow through on my vision.

Did I say alone? Ah, there is something else very important to announce.

- My new job at AnderAnderA Production

And yes! I now have a job. I've known the AnderAnderA Production team since 2014, I'd met them at a trade show when I was presenting the webseries Mordred, and they were launching their webseries project Mortus Corporatus. They had invited me on their season 2 in 2016 to make an appearance in the series, where outside the set we had strengthened our ties. Then, in 2017 they accompanied in development my project of series Fréquence, co-created with Maxime Devoye. In 2018, finally, they accompanied me in production on my series Poets. So here we are, 2019 and 2020 have passed, I tried to build the Patmol Studio, but it did not take.

At the beginning of 2021, after discussing my ambitions and projects, they offered me to join them as a Development Manager, and I accepted with great pleasure and excitement. My goal: to continue what I had started with Poets and Sabbat by looking for promising series and short film projects that could be made in the Occitanie region. So, since February, I have been looking for projects, reading files and identifying those that seem to me the most promising and interesting, artistically and strategically, after which I accompany the authors in the construction of their file and in the arrangement and writing of their work. And I'm proud to share with you that since my arrival in this position in February, I've already worked on or am about to work on 3 optioned series projects with their authors.

In this momentum, I also see AnderAnderA Production continuing to grow with its projects on which I am involved to the maximum, and I finally feel like I have found a place in an organization with concrete objectives and real strengths: here, each member is given the means to contribute and build the vision and the long-term strategy of the company. Even if I can't project myself too far yet, I have the ambition to continue to evolve alongside them and to participate as a producer, author and creative to the realization of the projects we try to carry.

So of course, I had less time to work on my personal projects, but I don't mind, because what I learn in contact with the authors that I accompany as a development manager will also help me to be more precise and more efficient in the construction of my future ideas. And I might as well tell you that I have a few in stock!

For the second half of the year, I will continue my work as a development manager, which ensures me to get my status of intermittent for 2022, and to work on my projects in parallel, to participate as much as possible in the evolution and progression of AnderAnderA that I consider from now on as my new coat of arms, my new team, which comes to succeed Patmol Studio, as a logical evolution, a transition from a collective and personal project to a solid and professional project.

I'll keep you posted on the rest of the adventure on this website and on my social networks, and if you want to support me in my journey, don't hesitate to visit my Tipeee page.


You are a writer and you have projects of 26' series or short films that you would like to submit to producers? Contact me at with your file (with if possible synopsis, episode summaries, note of intent, CV and script, depending on the stage of your project).

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