MORDRED - Les Récits de Farengoise (Ebook)

MORDRED - Les Récits de Farengoise (Ebook)



"Les Récits de Farengoise" is the first novel from the medieval-fantasy webseries Mordred , created by Tommy-Lee Baïk . It is between the first and second season of the series available for free on the internet.

After the capture and execution of the knight Sir Lamorak, the Order of the Uncrossed takes control of the county, and the climate becomes more tense and dangerous than ever. Mordred left to follow Accolon's training in order to accomplish his revenge against the Order, Rodron now lives with the brothers of the abbey of Brother Jeannot and Bélisaire and Venance, the two young Uncrossed soldiers, are on their way to a destination that is unknown to them. Meanwhile, the Uncrossed General named Thirel sows confusion and fear, taking advantage of his position to abuse his power. But the first rebels appear and prepare for the revolt.

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